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The 'Auto' project - Stage 1 by yunwi-tsunsdi The 'Auto' project - Stage 1 :iconyunwi-tsunsdi:yunwi-tsunsdi 1 1 Numinous Creek #1 by yunwi-tsunsdi Numinous Creek #1 :iconyunwi-tsunsdi:yunwi-tsunsdi 2 0 When the animals looked for man by yunwi-tsunsdi When the animals looked for man :iconyunwi-tsunsdi:yunwi-tsunsdi 4 1 Mainframe -- in a courthouse. by yunwi-tsunsdi Mainframe -- in a courthouse. :iconyunwi-tsunsdi:yunwi-tsunsdi 1 5
The Strange Contrasts of Ms. Dixon.
 It was a nice fall day, kind of quiet when Mr. Hall, my employer, called me into his office.
The man was a tall older gentleman, his grayed hair combed to the side and causally dressed. Since it was such a quiet day, he was hard at work – on a particularly difficult crossword puzzle.
"Claire, what's a 15 letter German word for '"Twilight of the gods?" he asked as he looked up at me.
It took but 2.3 seconds for me to come up with the word, "Götterdämmerung" I replied, with a slight German accent.
He looked at me, his jaw dropping and bouncing off the desk. "How do you spell got dam...Damn, girl!"
"G o t t e r d a m m e r u n g" I spelled out rather proudly then looked down at the puzzle. "Ah the Times crosswords." I mentioned, "Not surprising there, Mr. Hall. They come up with some dozes."
He stared at me a bit longer, then wrote it into the boxes with a pencil. "Gosh darn, it fits and looks right." then checked it, in the back of the book. "I can't believe you
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One day in April, 2015
One Day in April 2015
07 June 2011
They say that the world would end in fire. For humanity however, it didn't end in fire, but in silence. Some said that we wouldn't see it coming. But that's another lie as well. the satellites saw it, between us and the Sun, they alerted their human masters, who prepared for the worse.
They prepared, but nothing they did could have prepared them for human's arrogant mistakes.
Since the 20th century humanity believed they could do anything they wished, without no regards Nothing could stop them.
They built great, interconnected power grids, and power stations that moved millions of volts of electricity. If such could be seen from space, you'd think a giant spider had weaved a huge web all over the planet. But having the entire power grid all connected to each other is what scared them the most. Dangerous they cried!
The United States, concentrated its critical needs into smaller, and smaller number of areas. Food was produced in specific region
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ANT221 - Essay3 07-20-2015
(Clifford) Sudham
Peoples of North America - ANT-221-19Z1
images of Native Americans.
personal reflection.
When you ask what
an "Indian" is, you hear about the same; long flowing
headdresses of feathers. Blood thirsty "savages" raiding
forts, and scalping people. Totem poles, some as high as fifteen
meters tall sometimes is mentioned. Ones old enough will remember
Iron Eyes Cody the  "Crying Indian" of the 1970s pollution
commercial (Krech, Coffeekid99), (which even today strongly
influences me, not of what a native is, but the environmental
concept)  Nearly all will mention the Casino gaming, which has many
thinking that tribes are now rich, and prospering.
Much of that comes
from an effect I've termed  "Hollywooding" or
"Hollywoodized." Hollywood, with it's western obsession and
even to today, has portrayed Natives as only one type of people. Yes,
the wild west did happen most
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ANT221 - Essay2 07-12-2015
(Clifford) Sudham
Peoples of North America - ANT-221-19Z1
the Yunit/Inuit, and Aleut people survived
did the Yuit/Inuit (Sutton) and Aleut peoples survive the brutal cold
of the arctic environments?
there is many different ways the Yuit/Inuit, and Aleut people's
survived, and prospered in the Artic areas, the most basic answer
would be "They worked with the cold, not against it.(Sutton)'
They accept it was cold, there is little or no plant life and all
they have for food is meat, and blubber. So they made the best of the
situation ultimately learning to live with the cold environment
instead of trying to adjust it.  Another aspect is summed up in this
quote: "Survival, really being prepared to survive; means
being able to control your fears, manage your emotions and put your
ego in check. To truly be prepared to survive, you need to cultivate
a mindset that goes far beyond just having the sk
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ANT221 - Essay5 08-02-2015
(Clifford) Sudham
Peoples of North America - ANT-221-19Z1
experiences, before and after contact
the Southwestern, and Plains people.  
The Pueblo peoples
of the SouthWest United States, and the Plains Natives of the Midwest
United States. How was they before European contact, what happened to
them afterward, to the present day? We'll discuss that in this essay.
The Southwest
people, was divided into two major cultural peoples. The Pueblo, and
non-pueblo peoples. The differences was basically the Pueblo was
farmers, living in towns. The non-pueblo was somewhat agricultural,
but migratory (Sutton ,202)
In the time before
contact, they was in this area 12,000 bp, and by 2,000 bp, known as
the "Basketweaving" era, shifted them from
hunter-gatherers, to agricultural, sedentary based. This lasted until
what is known as the Peublo IV era (circa 700 - 500bp) when weather
shifted due to the maunder minimum[4] then a
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ANT221 - Essay4 07-26-15
(Clifford) Sudham
Peoples of North America - ANT-221-19Z1
between three tribes of the
Basin of the western United States; Essay #4
The Chumash,
Paiute, and Yokuts people all lived within a small area called "The
Great Basin" A basin and range province mostly east of
California, extending into New Mexico, Wyoming, north to Idaho, and
Oregon. A mostly arid environment that consisted of around 643,000
square kilometers of cultural area.
Despite this broad
expanse, the three people in question had interesting differences
we'll explore in this essay, by use of five different sections.
1. Art,
expression and recreation

Chumash was especially known for their rock art. Paint,
made from ground
sea shells, charcoal, and red ochre, several caves are still
for tourism, and the art is
quite complex.
They also illustrated baskets, and themselves with their unique art
skills. (Sutton, 101
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ANT221 - Essay6 08-12-2015
(Clifford) Sudham
Peoples of North America - ANT-221-19Z1
did the European, and ultimately the American people,
see the
First People of North America, as one group,
and how has the
fate of the Aborginal population resulted from this stereotyping?
#6 - Final
Q. Sutton in "An Introduction to Native North America",
Third edition writes:
savages who did not 'properly' possess the land. They believed it
their duty to drag the native populations from their state of
savagery into the light of civilization
..." (Sutton, I)
what wasn't known, was that the First people was an amazing set of
people. With diverse populations, complex cultures, and above all,
survivalists. The only aspect that could be a negative was that the
stagnant level of sophistication that kept them several centuries
behind Europeans.
essay attempts to bring an understanding to three questions:
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ANT221 - Essay1 07-05-2015
Yunwi Tsunsdi
Kip (Clifford) Sudham
Native Peoples of North America -
5 July 2015
The Columbian Connection
2 October 1492, Cristoforo
Colombo (Christopher), or more well known by his anglicized name of
"Christopher Columbus" landed on an island he then calls
"San Salvador" of the Lucayan Archipelago (Bahamas) , North
American continent. Many say that Columbus was a visionary genus,
after pouring over many documents, of theological, and geographical
literature he took a gamble on finding another route to India.
(European) This simple capitalistic desire, financed by the Catholic
monarchies of Spain sparked an amazing chain of events on both sides
of the Atlantic Ocean, that is still being felt 523 years later in
the 21th century.
It could also be said that
Columbus was the instigator of the most significant alteration of
humanity until WWI/WWII. Much like the Holocaust of WWII, Columbus'
appearance started a genocide equal too, or worse than the WWII
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Pluto #1 by yunwi-tsunsdi Pluto #1 :iconyunwi-tsunsdi:yunwi-tsunsdi 1 0 Pluto 2 by yunwi-tsunsdi Pluto 2 :iconyunwi-tsunsdi:yunwi-tsunsdi 1 0 World's smallest deer, newest fawn. by yunwi-tsunsdi World's smallest deer, newest fawn. :iconyunwi-tsunsdi:yunwi-tsunsdi 2 2
Popular Music and Today's Society
"What does popular music say of today's society?"
by Yunwi Tsunsdi
The assignment given was to show what today's music says about today's society. Much like the anti-war songs of the 1960s, musicians speak out though their music even today. With this, I picked the song "Run The World (Girls)" by Beyonce Knowles1, with lyrics attached.
Woman, the world over, constantly feel the desire to be treated like individuals, and not second class citizens. Only in the last one hundred years is western society changing so that woman can be equal to men. But one thing holding them back, is a counter social message that woman have to be "Kinder, Küche, Kirche" translated: "children, kitchen, church", which at times is also associated with the English "Barefoot and pregnant" figure of speech.
Ms. Knowles is considered a role-model to young girls, not only by her success but being a woman, and African-American. Hence much like Gloria Gaynor's "I will Survive" released
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Tw 06.16 by Sandwolf5-2 Tw 06.16 :iconsandwolf5-2:Sandwolf5-2 4 4 Rites of Passage by Sandwolf5-2 Rites of Passage :iconsandwolf5-2:Sandwolf5-2 1 2 Rites of Passage Cover by Sandwolf5-2 Rites of Passage Cover :iconsandwolf5-2:Sandwolf5-2 2 3 Beyond my Dreams IV by FrederikM Beyond my Dreams IV :iconfrederikm:FrederikM 398 67 Weather by ploftdk Weather :iconploftdk:ploftdk 1,462 304 -- Just Keep Swimming -- by AshleyxBrooke -- Just Keep Swimming -- :iconashleyxbrooke:AshleyxBrooke 209 73 -- That Magic Moment -- by AshleyxBrooke -- That Magic Moment -- :iconashleyxbrooke:AshleyxBrooke 199 33 Walk The Line by xamberelliex Walk The Line :iconxamberelliex:xamberelliex 3 0 CoverTest2 by Sandwolf5-2 CoverTest2 :iconsandwolf5-2:Sandwolf5-2 2 6 Laira bk3 Cover 110715 by Sandwolf5-2 Laira bk3 Cover 110715 :iconsandwolf5-2:Sandwolf5-2 3 2 KOTA Book Cover rev2 by Sandwolf5-2 KOTA Book Cover rev2 :iconsandwolf5-2:Sandwolf5-2 4 0 PryorSunRise10.02.14 by Sandwolf5-2 PryorSunRise10.02.14 :iconsandwolf5-2:Sandwolf5-2 1 0 'No' Means 'No' by Radthorne 'No' Means 'No' :iconradthorne:Radthorne 183 48 Forest by mpkHawkeye Forest :iconmpkhawkeye:mpkHawkeye 1,445 120 The forest pond by ForestGirl The forest pond :iconforestgirl:ForestGirl 5,870 428 Horse,,, by amai911 Horse,,, :iconamai911:amai911 1,728 103
At long last it's done. 

I've finally. on my way for college. I talked to my adviser, a professor, and I noticed quite a few things.

He has a dog judging by the hairs on his jacket; a golden colored one.

Only recently married since he was contently adjusting his wedding ring, and not accustom to it's presence.

Left handed,

A bit older too; 50s or so

Interesting accent as well. Possibly European but not so thick I couldn't understand him. 

Pleasant chap too, reminding me a lot of Doc Brown on Back to the Future. 

I like him :)

My major is of course Physiology, my minor; always the wildcard, is general business. He suggested that it'll help with my job and it makes sense. So I got that started. I have a minor adviser as well. He was interesting. 

Brunette, very stylish, goatee, right handed, young -- 30ish I believe. Not married, slender, has a thing for mysteries I see, judging by the 4 books stacked on his desk. Masters degree. 

Why did my gay-dar start going off with him? (big grin). He was an enjoyable person too, I like him as well. 

So anyway, after working out costs, I was going to take two courses this time, sort of what I planned before. But today the business one was cancelled so (sighs) I have one class to start with. That's fine, gives me a bit of seed money to start next semester, and I found the classes are roughly $1,050 a class. So that gives me a baseline to go for, in other semesters. 

Books was shocking! I nearly had a heart attack -- $10 for a kindle version? I was expecting $500 for my book bill! Now that I fixed my kindle finally so I can easily transfer files back and forth from it, I've got the book, the class is paid for. I've got the foundation for Org-mode to help me though college, two laptops, a backup desktop ready to go at a moment's notice.

My adviser spoke that I may have taken a few too many classes at my old college so I don't need quite as many in my new college.That as well as 2 years means I shouldn't have any problems. Of course money will always be a major factor but at least now I have a road map, and this first semester will allow me to get situated, debug my org-mode system and get ready for the major push. I can handle 1 class' schedule on my own. 4 - 6 I'll need help judging by how 2015 went and org-mode is that help. 

Now...I guess I'm ready. I start Tuesday 17th

Oh moving this account? It's going, I have a wordpress account already, just waiting till I get this college thing off my back first. Will alert all when it's up and running. 


yunwi-tsunsdi's Profile Picture
United States
A beginning writer of fiction. proud Kentucky Appalachian, avid hiker/camper, and lover of the outdoors.

Just consolidating all my far flung works into one site. Please feel free to post comments, or suggestions. All will be SFW.

One of my passions of photography is macro and close-up. I relish in the concept of seeing the invisible, the overlooked, the tiny. Expect a lot in this area. I am also working on finding ways to do underwater photography, and underground works too.


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